Monday, November 29, 2010

Food Channel: Happy Thanksgiving

For a long time I've been cooking our Thanksgiving dinner.  I always serve a few standard items (mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and a basic stuffing), but I also like to try new things.  Last year it was a cranberry sauce with red wine, pomegranate  molasses, mint and cilantro (Bon Appetite [BA] 2009).

In addition to turkey, smoked in the big green egg (12 pounds, 4hrs @ 325), this year's menu included roasted red onions (BA 2010).

 And brussels sprouts with ham and pecans (BA 2010). My gravy is prepared from a turkey broth with pan juices. It is thickened with a roux made in clarified butter (I went the distance on this one).

Most years, I've purchased bags of dried out bread to make stuffing.  This year we dried our own bread, because we realized we're good at that - we've been drying out bread for years. So, why not get something good like a raisin/pecan loaf and make stuffing from that.
Finally, what to do with those left overs? Some things like turkey, stuffing and potatoes get eaten right away. Other items, like the cranberries and onions can last a while. 

Not this year. I threw them onto a butterflied flank steak, added some cotija cheese (not shown), and rolled the mix up and cooked it in the green egg and had a nice steak dinner.